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"Align the foundation's energy and expertise with their visual identity"

The Backstory

The WCF was entering its 30th year with new executive leadership and an energetic, forward-thinking team. The problem: no one in Wichita knew who they were or what they did. The Foundation had the confidence and the passion to effect change, but a muddy internal understanding of its goals, coupled an undefined mission, made channeling that energy a nonstarter. To top it off, the WCF’s color palette and logo were dated and stodgy, so they needed a makeover to reflect the fresh and forward-focused ideas that their vibrant team were creating everyday.

Strategic Insights

The WCF identified three major goals: grow donorship, expand impact, and establish their identity, To accomplish these, we needed to change the perception of the WCF in Wichita and worldwide, from a musty and narrowly-known tax-related institution to a go-to, innovative people-driven organization. Additionally, we needed to build a solid voice so the WCF can communicate their value as community catalysts.

The Journey

We engaged the board and key stakeholders in a brand audit, which included surveys and an in-person workshop. We uncovered the WCF’s core values and personality, an exercise that goes beyond reciting the mission statement and memorizing pretty words printed on lanyards. We developed a brand personality and voice to give the WCF’s communications team direction for all manners of correspondence. We assisted in copywriting for the website, which will launch in early 2016. We engaged the region’s premier graphic designer to realize a new logo that reflects the WCF’s newly unified vision.

The Summit

We designed WCF’s new logo to match the organization’s spirit and mission, specifically adhering to three qualities: trustworthiness, usefulness, and adaptability. Breaking away from the busy lines of the original logo was essential to bringing the WCF’s new personality to life. Rather than incorporate Wichita’s skyline or other local landmarks, we chose a simple design that represents Wichita in a unique way. The “W” shape is rooted in the strength of the area’s donors yet is reaching to grow the community every higher. The sleek, paired-down logo is adaptable and dynamic.